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Tombstone of Salt

Data Never Lies

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abandoned buildings, abnormal, abominations, abstract, ace attorney, activism, alice in wonderland, anatomy, animal behaviourism, animal rights, animals, anime, argentosoma, bandersnatches, banned cartoons, beasts, biology, bizarre, bones, books, cat with hands, classical music, counterculture, counterculture revolution, creative writing, creatures, critters, culture, dead languages, death, debate, disturbing cartoons, disturbing children's movies, documentaries, dragons, dreams, dystopian literature, esoterica, existentialism, fantasy, final fantasy vii, foreign cultures, foreign films, freak, geekdom, grammar, gundam wing, gyakuten saiban, history, homestuck, horror, insanity, intellectual freedom, intellectualism, intelligence, intelligent conversation, intelligent people, internet, irony, jacob's ladder, jan svankmajer, johnny the homicidal maniac, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, languages, learning, linguistics, literature, logic, mewtwo, monsters, museums, mutation, mythical creatures, mythology, nature, obscure references, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ocd, old books, philosophy, poems, poetry, pokémon, politics, pondering, prince of tennis, psychological movies, psychological terror, psychological torture, psychology, rats, reading, red xiii, roadkill, rodents, roleplaying, rpgs, salvador dali, sarcasm, satire, sci-fi, shinra, simon and garfunkel, snark, surrealism, taxidermy, technology, the sixties, the yippies, theatre, theory, they might be giants, thinking, useless trivia, video games, vincent valentine, vriska serket, watership down, weaponry, wild animals, wildlife, world cultures, writing, yume nikki, zoology