Livestreams with Zevon

Zyraxus: ahaha
Zyraxus: the magic of neopets
Zyraxus: that is what got me into digital art no lie
literatehyaena: It's okay, I started RPing because of it...
literatehyaena: Neopets: the ultimate corruptor.
Zyraxus: all furries lead back to neopets
literatehyaena: Sad but very likely pretty true.
literatehyaena: I am now imagining us spawning in vast vats in the TNT server rooms.
Bro Strider: PUPPET MASTER!!!!!!!!


Name: Kalika Helace
Age: 7-9, I guess
Gender: Female
Trolltag: yesterdaysZeppelin
Blood (Hex code): EBBB01
Symbol: Circinus
Power?: Biokinesis (The ability to manipulate biological matter/living tissue on a cellular level. Note that this does not work on plants or tissue that is already dead.)
Lusus: A really long lizard/salamander with about two dozen limbs that climbs her walls and has a big mouth and throat for gulping.
Strife Abtratus: Riflekind (her rifle is organically modified--and it has an eye growing out of it. It is not, however, all that powerful. Serviceable, anyway.)
Fetch Modus: ????
Hobbies: Kalika's primary hobby is mechanical and organic engineering (since troll technology is often organic in nature, she works equal parts in metal and organic matter). She knows that robotics is more prestigious, but she doesn't care. Or, well, she does, but she prefers gears and engines and moving parts and exoskeletonal chitin to fiddling with all those little wires and writing lines of code. Her primary other hobby would probably be video games, but they also make her mad, so she only plays first person shooter types (where she can burn off that rage) and games where she builds things. She really likes building things.

She also plays fighting games on occasion, but she's one of those types that ends up yelling profanities at the screen or throwing the controller, so not very often.
Personality: Kalika is a perfectly chill troll when she's all by herself. In fact, she's even capable of smiling, at least a little. It's when she has to interact with other people that she loses her cool: she mostly starts getting pissed off when she ends up talking to other trolls. Really pissed off. Like losing her temper, using profanity, snapping back viciously and storming out or kicking you out herself kind of mad. It's like talking into a void, she says, and she doesn't have the patience for it. She can come off as kind of terrifying or at the very least terse and abrasve because of this, but for all that she has--thanks to her blood--the ability to effectively turn you into a Silent Hill monster or a meaty growth on the walls, she never actually directs this ability at other trolls. She's not that kind of troll, in her own words.

She'd rather use it for building things.

Honestly, she's not as bad as this makes it sound. Other trolls who share her passion may get a certain amount of tolerant discourse from her, and she can even be civil for a moderate length of time if the conversation is brief--but after that, it goes right downhill and you'd best be out of there before she brains you with a wrench or kicks you out at gunpoint.

As a trivial note, Kalika usually doesn't wear a tank top--sometimes, yeah, but not always. Often she just works and walks around in her boots and overalls--no shirt at all, and underwear is questionable. We put her in the tank top for ease of drawing and preventing awkward questions. She's comfortable in her body and confident/unintimidated by others enough to wear what she wants to. Even if that means not wearing a shirt.

She's also in the process of growing her hair out, so sometimes she sort of ties it back in a shitty attempt to keep it out of the machinery. While she can worry about her appearance given the appropriate situation, she's not usually in a position to care about it, and resents the idea that she should need to worry about that over 'not getting things caught in pieces of dangerous machinery.' She also resents the idea that she's unacceptable in appearance as is, even though she knows she should clean up if she's trying to impress someone. It's just that she generally doesn't feel the need to impress jack-shit. Practicality doesn't trump vanity here, but they coexist pretty heavily.

ETA: Someone called into question the matter of femininity and personality, so I feel I should establish that Kalika is definitely feminine in her own way. She's absolutely a girl, and she's both comfortable with and confident in her sex/gender and body.

Trivia: She tried FLARP once, but didn't like it.

Auspisticing?: N/A
Moirail?: N/A
Matesprit?: She had a matesprit, but they were culled. She was a pissy bitch even before then, though, so don't feel too bad for her.
Kismesis?: N/A

Title: X of Time or Mage of Flesh
Land: Womb and Acid
Moon: Whatever, I guess.
Elements (Chalk, Shale, etc.): IDK!
Title Elaboration:
Land Description: Most of the land consists of massive oceans of acid with precarious stone platforms rising out of them and thin bridges between them on which to walk. You don't want to fall off. It's also filled with giant, translucent... uh, well, wombs. Much like LoBaF, they pepper the landscape in all sizes and can be found at all altitudes: attached to the sides of the stone platforms, growing out of the sky, hovering in the air, etc. Inside are often visible fetusus, in varying stages of growth--while obviously not trolls, the creatures inside are of indistinguishable species and in fact many of them are either mutants or otherwise a bit off. Lots of embryos with multiple limbs, extra heads, headless or limbless bodies... fortunately, the wombs they inhabit are only partially translucent, so you can't see too much detail.

Unless for some reason you cut one open...
Yorua Rat

Quickstart Varlot

Cli-thump tack, cli-thump tack, cli-thump ta-tack, cli-thump tack, cli-thump ta-tack, cli-thump ta-tack, cli-thump tack, cli-thump tack, cli-thump tack, cli-thump ta-tack, cli-thump ta--
Footsteps down the hall preceded his arrival--the steps themselves were not very loud, but every other step was interrupted by something heavy and blunt striking the ground. Eventually there was a pause, and then the door opened.

That was the first time Talim Vassar actually saw Matalik Varlot.


"I'm here to do business."

Varlot popped a white mint, small and round, into his beak, sharp tip snapping shut before he turned, single red eye rolling to fix on the Crutsu in front of him.

The pupil, previously a black pinhole, was now dilated and large.

Varlot himself was a reasonably tall creature, over seven feet tall when standing erect, with plumage of variegated reds and stark black. He had only the one eye, on the left side--his right eye was covered by a black patch, which blended into the black feathers around it. He wasn't exactly young-looking--somewhere between sixty and seventy, at best estimate--but he seemed fairly healthy, eyepatch aside. His feathers were sleek and well-groomed. Of course, he also used a short, round-topped cane--the source of the loud thumping earlier--to stand upright. One of the fingers on that right hand was missing.

"Mr. Varlot."

"Just Varlot, please." Varlot waved for him to sit back down; when he didn't, Varlot cocked his head slightly, as though sizing him up. "Mr. Vassar."

Vassar stood his ground, however, the tension not in his face but in his back and shoulders. Extending his hand, he waited while Varlot moved in kind--and the bird extended his left hand to meet Vassar's right. The Crutsu stared at it for a moment before realising, belatedly, that Varlot leaned on his cane on his right side: if he let go to shake hands, he would most likely fall over. Wordlessly, Vassar swapped hands and they shook on it; they retracted mutually, and Varlot made no comment on the gaffe, if it even affected him--given the lack of reaction, Vassar would have had to guess it didn't.


"So what happened to your eye?"

Still standing, Varlot leaned on his cane at the other end of the table, his long hook-tipped tail moving mere centimetres over the floor. Despite his distant, distracted, businesslike demeanour, Varlot had turned out to be remarkably cordial--brisk, yes, firm, yes, but with a benign, knowing sort of smile that suggested he was not, perhaps, the demon that his business acumen had made him out to be. On the other hand, he still declined a seat--repeatedly, in fact, explaining that he preferred to stand, and adding that with his leg what it was, it would most likely take longer for him to get back up than the time spent sitting down to begin with was worth. The second half was said in a way that suggested it was meant to be taken as humour, but Vassar had the feeling that the response might not have been so genial on an undercurrent, and thus chose to leave the issue at what it was.

They had more pressing interests to pursue.

Somehow, however, the conversation had taken a couple of strange turns, and now they were here.

Related to the last post, and ruining any pretense of intellectualism for the day:

literatehyaena 8:22 pm

“There was no way for me to cross-examine the dog,” Mr. Martin said.

literatehyaena 8:22 pm
.... well, I don't see why not. Phoenix cross-examined a parrot.

triplecooc 8:23 pm
Phoenix would have managed it

literatehyaena 8:23 pm
He would have!
I don't see how your lack of initiative is a problem for the courts, Mr. Martin.
Mewtwo Sophisticate

Dog Helps Young Rape Victim Testify

Originally posted by yeats at Dog Helps Young Rape Victim Testify

Dog Helps Young Rape Victim Testify

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. — Rosie, the first judicially approved courtroom dog in New York, was in the witness box here nuzzling a 15-year-old girl who was testifying that her father had raped and impregnated her. Rosie sat by the teenager’s feet. At particularly bad moments, she leaned in.

When the trial ended in June with the father’s conviction, the teenager “was most grateful to Rosie above all,” said David A. Crenshaw, a psychologist who works with the teenager. “She just kept hugging Rosie.”

Now an appeal planned by the defense lawyers is placing Rosie at the heart of a legal debate that will test whether there will be more Rosies in courtrooms in New York and, possibly, other states.

Collapse )
Skeleton Bath


Some of you may have noticed that I've deleted or hidden some 100 posts on this blog.

Or maybe you just noticed me making a post about it, whatever.

Either way, I'm trying to sort of organise my shit, and a lot of this is old irrelevant RP stuff or just general bitching. I might try to do something more productive here at some point. Do reviews of things that interest me, perhaps. Or post all my OC shit somewhere out of the way of people who don't give a fuck. Or just use it as a pseduo-political platform and general forum for critical analysis.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll actually USE IT AS A BLOG. Novel concept, I know.

I don't think I've ever actually used this thing as an actual blog.

I guess we'll see how this goes. But in the meantime, have the few posts I considered remotely relevant, including my old icon posts and a mostly current muselist.

...and... this post, I guess.

Wufei Coat



Machi Tobaye, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice): machitobaye liesarenotlies thelieshaveit
Klavier Gavin, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice): pfauenrad
Daryan Crescend, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice): torpedohead
Damon Gant, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright): swimminganyone
Godot, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Trials and Tribulations): abittertruth
Pesu/Pess, Gyakuten Saban/Ace Attorney: mynameispesu
Franziska von Karma, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Justice For All): ...LJ is retarded.
Franziska von Karma (Young), Gyakuten Kenji/Perfect Prosecutor: silver_karma
Adrian Andrews, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney: stilldependent

Wufei Chang, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing + Endless Waltz: gowithjustice
Dorothy Catalonia, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: peaceisboring
Mariemaia Khushrenada/Barton, Endless Waltz: toendawaltz

Vriska Serket, Homestuck: visioneightfold
Terezi Pyrope, Homestuck: wh4t_now
Equius Zahhak, Homestuck: needsatowel
Nepeta Leijon, Homestuck: justpurrtending
Sollux Captor, Homestuck: mageofdoom
Gamzee Makara, Homestuck: wickedelixir

Claudia Wolf, Silent Hill 3 (game): notmeantforgod

Johan Liebert, Monster (Manga): johanliebert
Wolfgang Grimmer Monster (Manga): steinerschild

Mewtwo, Pokémon: replicat
Mewtwo (Baby), Pokémon: beforewaking
Lugia (Movie), Pokémon: deepseabeast

1/One, 9: crankiestone
3 and 4/Three and Four, 9: mnemosigns
6/Six, 9: uneveneyes

Makoto Ogami, Ghost Hound: sonofogami

1/Bandit, We3: we3gohome
3/Pirate, We3: once_a_pirate

Mao, Disgaea 3: hatesheroes

Red XIII/Nanaki, Final Fantasy VII + Advent Children: ineedthumbs
Vincent Valentine, Final Fantasy VII + Advent Children: nightmareofsin
Professor Hojo, Final Fantasy VII: Pending

Sadaharu Inui, Prince of Tennis (manga): percent_data
Sadaharu Inui (Child), Prince of Tennis (manga): tinydata

Endou Kenji, 20th Century Boys: endoukenji

Doctor Rat, Dr. Rat: doctor_rat


Route 29
Machi Tobaye, Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice): machitobaye
Claudia Wolf, Silent Hill 3 (game): notmeantforgod
Skeleton Bath

Introduction Meme

Okay so uh. Since I left Plurk, I can't do this on plurk, but A CERTAIN SOMEONE has insisted I do it here. This is a Plurk meme, though. :I I will try to keep to that sort of short and sweet format. Here goes.

My name is Raile.
I am a boy. :I
Even though my username is always literatehyaena, my fursona is a rat.
The markings on my fursona are called blue down under hooded, and are real rat markings. I'm not really keen on fursonas that are neon yellow and red and pink with weird shapes on the body or whatever.
I am 4' 10.5" and consistently weigh under 90 lbs.
(That fluctuates and it's been aaaaaaaages so who knows what I weigh now.)
I am half Korean. My other half is pretty much Walloon (French Belgian) with maybe a little German.
Clinically speaking, have OCD, ADD, and motor dysgraphia.
I was originally diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and generalised anxiety disorder, but that was... kind of obviously not right.
Instead, it's now suspected I have schizoid personality disorder, which makes a lot more sense.
I have four half siblings, the youngest of which is around thirty years older than I am.
I am very near-sighted, with moderate astigmatism. I hate contacts, though, so it's glasses all the time.
I currently have a dog named Woodrow, who I am training to be a service dog (for me.)
I also have a cat named Maya, who doesn't do anything and only loves me for my windows.
I used to play the violin, but I can't tune my own strings except very generally.
I'm going to buy myself a violin soon and start again though, I liked it.
I was in the process of teaching myself the cello when I quit.
I am an atheist.
My favourite colours are orange, green, and black.
I have a very, very limited emotional range.
Usually I don't feel anything--I don't experience grief, for example; most intense or complicated emotions are way beyond me. Feeling multiple emotions at once is something I've never experienced.
It's sometimes hard for me to interact with people because I don't know how to handle other people's emotions.
I can get angry. It's very rare, however, and only about a few specific things.
I am 100% unsquickable.
I am also asexual, both physically and emotionally/personally. Completely. I just don't have that function.
In other words, I'm incapable of love. I can't love family members, either, although I may have nothing against them.
I'm really not a horrible person, though. Just sort of a sociopath or something. :I
Oh, I'm in college! My two majors are psychology and creative writing, and my minor is linguistics.
Because I'm disabled, the government pays for a lot of my college stuff, like tuition and textbooks.
It's called Vocational Rehabilitation, and it's designed to help disabled people become 'gainfully employed.'
I only recently learned to use emoticons, and until a year or so ago, couldn't use memetic language at all in conversation.
I used to type and think and speak very literally, sort of like an elaborate and well-constructed essay.
Now I suck at explaining, though, because I have a hard time organising my thoughts in a linear fashion, so I often repeat myself or recant things or rephrase because trying to be casual and trying to be cerebral at the same time is something I'm still bad at.

... IDK this is long. :C
Yorua Rat


NSFW: Miami Police shoot a dog in the head for supposedly being vicious. Note that the dog is neither aggressive nor even defencive--she shows no fear and is both calm and friendly. In the previous video, the officer who shoots her in the head is seen petting her.

Woodrow went to a wedding today (Lauren and Zack are both Hambricks now, how fancy!), where he was better-behaved than the groom. He even went through the buffet line without nosing at the edges or bothering people. He was rather antsy, but he's five months--it was mostly a test on my part, to see what he'd do. I have a better idea of what to work on now.

This should probably be cheerier given the wedding--and it was a nice wedding--but I was tired when I got back and thought I'd check my Twitter feed before I updated this blog.